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Pharmaceutical island

Vasilievsky isle in do Neva Vasilievsky isle in do Neva
Vasilievsky island The Vasilievsky island so is identified already long ago, but earlier the largest island on Neva was referred to as several otherwise. It's named Preobrazhensk, when island turned out to be in the centre of the increasing city, that it and renaimed in Vasilievsky. Though island this not too suitable scrap of land for togo. For raise the grandiose buildings, but for Vasilievsky island this alr... [2012-09-05]
Island Hare Island Hare
Hare's island With buildings Hare island possible to say and began the history Peter. The Beginning construction possible on essences to consider the day 16 May 1703. This date, when on island have pawned the construction to fortresses SAINT PETERSBURG. This probably the most first that was built on these marsh lands. Later, the fortress has named otherwise, at our time fortress is referred to as fortress Petr... [2012-09-05]
Pharmaceutical island Pharmaceutical island
Pharmaceutical island In do the Neva much islands, but probably the most small in do the isle this certainly Pharmaceutical island. It Is Located he in Petrograd's side. Before Revolution beside island was much miscellaneouses and remarkable names. This is a small scrap of land referred to as and Dick island and Timber island. One time for island much ravens was going to at autumn days and island has nicknamed ... [2012-08-31]

Lutheran planked walkway part of Volkovskogo graveyard Lutheran planked walkway part of Volkovskogo graveyard
Lutheran planked walkway part of Volkovskogo graveyard On excursion by graveyard in general that does not invite, but I have solved you to invite and look the unique creation a past timeses. To get there where it is necessary, first as usually find the station a metro and are lowered under the land, hereinafter before station Ligovskiy avenue , but from there on bus aside graveyard on bus 57 or at desire and on tram possible to get, route of the tram 25 and 44, well but that to whom wait not much that likes, advice one taxi or small bus before the main of the entry graveyard. The Graveyard is found in tag ends Rosstannoy streets so when will go on taxi that what see the stone gates, that here you and leave. For winch bell tower, this Voskresenskaya church so if you this sees, that signifies you got on ma... [2013-04-01]

Excursion in Lazarevskaia usypalinica Excursion in Lazarevskaia usypalinica
Excursion in Lazarevskaia usypalinica Today we with you go to Lazarevskuyu burial vault. The Place not so colorful, but old fellow to see are able. Not all on shower to consider the tombstones and read the tablets on grave stone, but in this instance sooner exception to the rule, than usual graveyard and graves. In general for begin it is necessary to get before place excursion. In any place Peter are lowered in underground, there sit on metro to aside stations Area Alexander Nevsky. Left on surface, move aside area, cross its aside church (it is there one, will not mix up) Skorbyaschenskaia church. You greater arched gates get on way, you get through them. In left side fence with wicket and in right such. If such sees, that you on place. Now if stand the back to winch that, on the left - an entry in... [2013-04-01]