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Weather widgets Leningrad region!

Weather widgets Leningrad region!

Vasilievsky isle in do Neva

Vasilievsky island

The Vasilievsky island so is identified already long ago, but earlier the largest island on Neva was referred to as several otherwise. It's named Preobrazhensk, when island turned out to be in the centre of the increasing city, that it and renaimed in Vasilievsky. Though island this not too suitable scrap of land for togo. For raise the grandiose buildings, but for Vasilievsky island this already not it is important see. Nor that has not disturbed on island to raise the grandiose buildings. Else Petr First dreamed on Vasilivskom island to build all the most important for that time of the building. About this reminds the building 12 boards, author of this construction All known Trezini.
The pair of the ages ago in building 12 Boards were situated the controlling town structures and Senate. That is at present located in this building? Piterskiy State university at the point took seats In this building. When building Board has raised, that at a distance started to appear and the other buildings. Vystroili Menishikovskiy Palace, which was got such beautiful due to talent architect Shedelya and D. Fountain. When prince Menishikov has fallen into opal then in this palace have billeted the First cadet body. At present one of the division of the Hermitage was billeted in this comfortable building.
For all time of existence composition Vasilievsky island all were changed repeatedly. The building of the exchange stands In the centre of the island. The exchange in the most first its performance stood little under corner to that that possible to see at present. The First variant of the exchange built the architect D. Kvarengi, but later building have dane T. de Tomon. The Purpose of the realignment was obvious, wanted to justify the building comparatively whole its surrounding ensemble. The Realignment passed aptly. The exchange has reconstructed and have decorated its decoration and sculptural composition. The Sculptures executed such known authors I. P. Prokofiev and F. F. Schedrin. It Was Got normal composition symbolizing navigation on river.
Little later at the beginning initially 19 ages before facade of the exchange have build of the pillar. These pillars, but right type and registration their made sculptors Z. H. Tibo and I. Kamberlen. Developping composition of the exchange architects with two sides its have surrounded North and South warehouse. The Institute was situated In one to Geologies, and Institute to chemistries silicate. In the other have cosily billeted Zoologicheskiy museum. Close to North warehouse verged earlier building to customs, which apropos has in the same way developed and has built the architect Lukin. The Building so and remained, but in him already not Customs is located, but building occupies the Literary museum with Institute of the russian literature. If continue the subjects a muse that concerns the first museum from series (Kunstkamera) , that he too appeared for the first time on Vasilievsky island. At present for fall into museum of Kunstkamera, it is necessary to pay, but earlier museum possible was visit all wanting absolutely gratis. The First thought town powers was reduced to that that wanted in Peter to create the certain resemblance to Venice. It Was Conceived dig through several channels and divide the island on small isle. But alas such fortunately has not done and island remained the full-fledged island. As you understand on Vasilievsky island that not building, that architectral masterpiece. Apart possible safe chapter to denote each construction, but one probably from the most important this Academy of the sciences, which have built on outline ZH.-B. IT IS Toppled-Delamota and A. F. Kokorinova.
Big Ohta graveyard Big Ohta graveyard
Big Ohta graveyard How get Bolisheohtinskoge graveyard? Get before graveyard possible from station metro Novocherkasskaya , where beforehand follows to get from any part of city again by metro. From Novocherkasskoy aside graveyard goes 18-y trolley bus. There is one more variant. Can get to else way from metro station and left on stations Chernyshevskaya , from it aside to Bolisheohotinskogo graveyard goes the trolley bus 49. If on taxi, that it is enough to say the address Peter, avenue Metalworker 5 and you quickly get on this place. Either as understandable probably if graveyard in town centre, that it very old and appeared as far back as that timeses, when Ohta was a country zone. Earlier in Ohte veins and settled the worker, which worked at shipyard Peter. The Veins all portably and e... [2013-02-04]

Blagoveschenskaya Burial vault Blagoveschenskaya Burial vault
Blagoveschenskaya Burial vault Address: Nevsky prospekt., 179/2? Telephone (burial vaults): (812) 274-2635 Time of the work (burial vaults): 11:00-17:00 Rest days: monday, thursday Stations metro: Area Alexander Nevsky Blagoveschenskaya Burial vault to get before Blagoveschenskoy burial vaults possible several ways, but this way the most optimum. At the ferst lowered in metro and leave aside stations metro Area Alexander Nevsky , afterwards leave on surface and leave on of the same name area first, but afterwards and in Alexander-Nevsky laurel, but on its territory there and is found Blagoveschenskaya burial vault. If you are found on way of the moving the trolley bus number 1 or 22, that they too go aside Alexander-Nevsky laurel. Alexander Nevsky laurel began made exactly with erection fir... [2013-01-21]