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Artillery museum in Pitere

The Festival in Theatre on Mahovoy The Festival in Theatre on Mahovoy
The Festival baby theatrical aspic will help I think the young talent to overpunch itself road on greater bandstand. The first contact occasionly passes On such sort action with Academician. After all all known that Academy of the theatricses - one of the the most old institutions of the similar direction. The Holiday young talent will pass in administrative body on Mahovoy . This is an amazing small town known many ... [2011-10-31]
Lugansk area museum Lugansk area museum
From Peter in Lugansk (the museum to contemporaneity) Regional museum Lugansk Peter this city museum, but to the whole other there is else much unique museum collection. To example if you wake the journey in Luganske, that without fall visit Lugansk's regional museum. The Impressions will be a mass, I guarante to you. I there was in past vacation and here is for my Piters's friends has written the small review. ... [2011-10-31]
Museum about the defence of Leningrad Museum about the defence of Leningrad
Today I shall tell you about museum , which exhibits is dedicated to period of the blocade Leningrad. Much people are remembered that distant military days when soldering of bread was for happiness. The First premiseses to creation museum were executed as far back as 1944. The exhibition was organized In one of the buildings of the Salt borough on which were presented mainly exhibits which what or are sideways conn... [2010-12-14]
Palm gift for Peter from Doneckih smiths Palm gift for Peter from Doneckih smiths
The palm Mercalova costs In Piterskom bugle institute In acknowledgement that that blacksmith's craft idle time and unique, but in ditto time not each under power. If all were so simply, that smiths was as grasshopper on meadow. At free time smiths both at our time and age back simply practiced and did any homemade articles. About some I you and shall tell. With ancient timeses all wooden was clamped by nail. The Nai... [2010-11-20]
Winter palace in Piter Winter palace in Piter
Follow now little stops on that that was before persisting type Winter palace. At the beginning initially winter named simply Winter small palace , but complex of the buildings belonged to the creation of the hands D. Trezini in 1708. They Were Built such good for Petra First. We shall Say this was a first variant Winter palace. Second variant appeared little later. The Palace have completely destroyed at period... [2010-09-24]
First observatory in Piter First observatory in Piter
The First russian observatory was found in building Kunstkamery and occupied upper three floors. In determination of the exact position of the stars play the greater role to observatories. The First russian observatory was organized else Petrom simultaneously with Academician of the sciences. Her first director was I. Delili, former earlier professor in french college. He has arrived in Petersburg else 1726 and bring... [2010-09-22]
Museum Suvorova in Peter Museum Suvorova in Peter
All you know the history with rebelled legion. And about selfless turning the armies Hannibal through the Alps. This was a terrible spectacle. The Elephants nearly all perished, much warriors was ill, but transition was realized. This was first in histories large-scale army transition through the Alps. Passed the years and russian milinary leader has repeated such transition (the truth without elephant, but with big... [2010-09-17]
Artillery museum in Pitere Artillery museum in Pitere
This is first article in section museum Pitera. In principle if reason to subjects museum Peter, that as in Ukraine that not cottage, that and waine plant, so and in Peter that not apartment, so present museum. If will appear the desire to visit the vapour a muse, that begins better with Hermitage. Certainly in principle if you have arrived for one day in Peter, that possible that You in Hermitage and will not get:(... [2010-09-15]
Pulkovskaya observatory next to Peter Pulkovskaya observatory next to Peter
Work Piterskoy Observatories has disturbed the fire happened at December 1747, all practically have burned aflame. Aflame perished the big globe, main types Piterskoy observatories. It have presented Petru First during journey in Shlezing Golishtiniyu. This globe was a predecessor modern planetarium in Peter. He had in diameter 11 feets, outside presented the Globe with outline see and continent. But inwardly starry ... [2010-09-15]

Lutheran planked walkway part of Volkovskogo graveyard Lutheran planked walkway part of Volkovskogo graveyard
Lutheran planked walkway part of Volkovskogo graveyard On excursion by graveyard in general that does not invite, but I have solved you to invite and look the unique creation a past timeses. To get there where it is necessary, first as usually find the station a metro and are lowered under the land, hereinafter before station Ligovskiy avenue , but from there on bus aside graveyard on bus 57 or at desire and on tram possible to get, route of the tram 25 and 44, well but that to whom wait not much that likes, advice one taxi or small bus before the main of the entry graveyard. The Graveyard is found in tag ends Rosstannoy streets so when will go on taxi that what see the stone gates, that here you and leave. For winch bell tower, this Voskresenskaya church so if you this sees, that signifies you got on ma... [2013-04-01]

Excursion in Lazarevskaia usypalinica Excursion in Lazarevskaia usypalinica
Excursion in Lazarevskaia usypalinica Today we with you go to Lazarevskuyu burial vault. The Place not so colorful, but old fellow to see are able. Not all on shower to consider the tombstones and read the tablets on grave stone, but in this instance sooner exception to the rule, than usual graveyard and graves. In general for begin it is necessary to get before place excursion. In any place Peter are lowered in underground, there sit on metro to aside stations Area Alexander Nevsky. Left on surface, move aside area, cross its aside church (it is there one, will not mix up) Skorbyaschenskaia church. You greater arched gates get on way, you get through them. In left side fence with wicket and in right such. If such sees, that you on place. Now if stand the back to winch that, on the left - an entry in... [2013-04-01]