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Weather widgets Leningrad region!

Weather widgets Leningrad region!

The Quay of admiral Makarova

The makarova's Quay (was such storied admiral makarova, his name and is named quay.)

The Quay <b>makarova</b> If will leave the coast of the small Neva from stream Smolenki on coast and before Exchange area, that that you see along Neva will as Quay makarova. This quay have built relatively late, else pair of the ages back in this place Peter were simply usual quays and port syllables. When became to grow the city and Vasilievku become built, that piece from Vasilievsky island and before Customs, have dressed in granit.
What have dressed the quay, so and new name of the distances and as from 1886 she carried the name Quay Tuchkova. In that timeses here along coast stood the syllables a wood, and all of these belonged to Avraamu Tuchkovu, here is and have solved for time to perpetuate the name of the contractor Tuchkova though not on long! The Cloud certainly much has built, but has not deserved for its name quay in such big city. ? on sheatfish in city administrations have solved in 1952 quay have renamed and name its in honour of storied sailor of the admiral makarova. As know city began with Petropavlovki, but buiding began with Vasilievsky island and in living of Petra just on both sides of the arrow and settled all drawn near persons. The House Naryshkinyh, Stroganovyh and even earl Apraksin with prince Miloslavskim here building had. But as you understand I mentionned the most visible for that time of the people, but except they here lived else mass of other important folk. See the former building along quay makarova is not got, building changed their own owner, but that in turn changed the facade of the houses and as a result have that imeem.
North warehouse Piterskogo port is apropos located on place of the building of the prince Miloslavskogo. The House in 1826 have started under demolition, but architect Lukini concerned with the construction of the port buildings. Later museum was situated in this building where was kept big collection mineral, later in 1962 museum liquidated. There where was a Customs of the same architect Lukini, earlier was a house for number 4 and he was in use Lopuhinyh. Now this house Pushkin or if you want Institute of the russian literature . Here possible see the exposure denoted Pushkin from meetings Literary museum. Rather interesting excursion! The House Lopuhinyh in due course even Block has denoted their own poetry. The Building rather unique on its architecture, not much in Peter will find the buildings with such here is obviously standing out portico and colonnade. Much bronze statues from ancient ????? Ellady decorate the pediment of the building. Vilimo former owner much believed in protection god for improvement of trade or safety moreplavaniya.
If draw on middle of the Vasilievsky island line, that is got that with both sides in one approximately and same place from average costs the building with dome. On the one hand this Kunstkamera, but with other sides former house Lopuhinyh.
When that at the beginning initially 19 ages opposite building Lpuhinyh or building 4 were a beautiful quay with lions. Lions made from piece of the granite. This amazing creation erected itself I.ROGINSKIY at period with 1806 on 1809 year.
When that not so far from building Lopuhinyh stood big Gostinyy courtyard. On project Trezini, its erected at the beginning initially 18 ages ( 1722). But not long table hotell courtyard and here is on its place we see at our time new constructions that 6 and 8. Destroy old quest courtyard has not formed the labour this was a two-story building. If more simply, that this was an usual shop 18 ages. Apropos, either as in timeses Petra First in region Makarovskoy quay vein bohemians, so and at our days in this part Peter love to stop and composers and singer and in general all who as that participial to culture. Here is such she at our time quay admiral makarova in Peter beside Neva.
Big Ohta graveyard Big Ohta graveyard
Big Ohta graveyard How get Bolisheohtinskoge graveyard? Get before graveyard possible from station metro Novocherkasskaya , where beforehand follows to get from any part of city again by metro. From Novocherkasskoy aside graveyard goes 18-y trolley bus. There is one more variant. Can get to else way from metro station and left on stations Chernyshevskaya , from it aside to Bolisheohotinskogo graveyard goes the trolley bus 49. If on taxi, that it is enough to say the address Peter, avenue Metalworker 5 and you quickly get on this place. Either as understandable probably if graveyard in town centre, that it very old and appeared as far back as that timeses, when Ohta was a country zone. Earlier in Ohte veins and settled the worker, which worked at shipyard Peter. The Veins all portably and e... [2013-02-04]

Blagoveschenskaya Burial vault Blagoveschenskaya Burial vault
Blagoveschenskaya Burial vault Address: Nevsky prospekt., 179/2? Telephone (burial vaults): (812) 274-2635 Time of the work (burial vaults): 11:00-17:00 Rest days: monday, thursday Stations metro: Area Alexander Nevsky Blagoveschenskaya Burial vault to get before Blagoveschenskoy burial vaults possible several ways, but this way the most optimum. At the ferst lowered in metro and leave aside stations metro Area Alexander Nevsky , afterwards leave on surface and leave on of the same name area first, but afterwards and in Alexander-Nevsky laurel, but on its territory there and is found Blagoveschenskaya burial vault. If you are found on way of the moving the trolley bus number 1 or 22, that they too go aside Alexander-Nevsky laurel. Alexander Nevsky laurel began made exactly with erection fir... [2013-01-21]