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Weather widgets Leningrad region!

Weather widgets Leningrad region!

University quay

The most beautiful quay in Peter is University quay

The most beautiful  quay  in Peter is University quay As a rule in Peter's quays are divided bridge, between two nearby bridges is located certain quay. So here is if look on card on riverbed of the Neva, that gap on right coast between bridge of the Lieutenant SHmidta and Palace bridge and there is university quay.
University quay either as all quays in city was built gradually, but from this did not become the different by building. All are harmonious selected on the whole length quay, see for this reason students its consider the most beautiful quay in Peter. On the other hand Neva if look standing up on University quay possible in distance see and Admiralty and Isaakievskiy cathedral and even Copper rider if it be supervised! The Checkup of the buildings on University quay follows to begin with building Twelve boards, afterwards certainly building palace Menishikova i.t.d do Not forget to look the Academy an art, uniquely unique architectral decision. If as that systematizes on directivities or architectral stiletto of all building on University quay, that is as a result got what that averaged style which possible boldly compare to architecture of the middle 18 ages. This personally my mnenie!
With base of the city all became with many buildings and in the first fourth 18 ages go the deal and before University quay. Either as befits this place ashore Neva have chosen the rich gentlemen, Prince Menishikov had built here its next palace. This was a luxurious building, therefore as in Peter for that time of the buildings from stone did not exist. Apropos that buildings where at the point philological faculty and east from Piterskogo state university are located earlier were rest Petra I. If see around whole Peter, not only University quay that not building that in past whose that palace! Then and there for erudition created the chambers an museum under name building Kunstkamera . In which was a museum to anthropologies and ethnography and worked 12 boards that that type ministry. Since 1819 building is sent in governing the university. Considering following development of the architecture University quay follows certainly to stop on building of the Academies art, this building for number 17. All so changed and little from former constructions remained, but to example building to Academies of the sciences so and remained without person of the changes to house number 5 on quay. There is here in the same way and Zoologicheskiy museum not far, he is billeted in former premises of the Exchange, which have raised in 19 veke.
Not it is difficult to notice that all quay in Peter made by granite plate. And University quay not exception to the rule, she was in the same way dressed in granite sarcophagus in 1834, all work lasted 3, but was got simply splendid. The Whole probably blame strong flood which boldly many buildings several years earlier. About him else and Pushkin wrote in its poem Copper rider. The Granite coast not so that easy wash away and wash all buildings along line yard. With University quay possible to get closer to water this and there is pier, which have done on project K. Tone, class place! There have first installed two sphinxes which for government money have bought in Egypt on auction. On quay there is in the same way monument Rumyancevu with small park, who this monument experienced milinary leader managed the regiment at period of the Turkish company in 1768 -1774. The Obelisk first stood on Marsovom field, but afterwards its have here dragged over, in principle well him here! But on Marsovom field was much better for such prominent figure... Bear in mind monument itself!
Big Ohta graveyard Big Ohta graveyard
Big Ohta graveyard How get Bolisheohtinskoge graveyard? Get before graveyard possible from station metro Novocherkasskaya , where beforehand follows to get from any part of city again by metro. From Novocherkasskoy aside graveyard goes 18-y trolley bus. There is one more variant. Can get to else way from metro station and left on stations Chernyshevskaya , from it aside to Bolisheohotinskogo graveyard goes the trolley bus 49. If on taxi, that it is enough to say the address Peter, avenue Metalworker 5 and you quickly get on this place. Either as understandable probably if graveyard in town centre, that it very old and appeared as far back as that timeses, when Ohta was a country zone. Earlier in Ohte veins and settled the worker, which worked at shipyard Peter. The Veins all portably and e... [2013-02-04]

Blagoveschenskaya Burial vault Blagoveschenskaya Burial vault
Blagoveschenskaya Burial vault Address: Nevsky prospekt., 179/2? Telephone (burial vaults): (812) 274-2635 Time of the work (burial vaults): 11:00-17:00 Rest days: monday, thursday Stations metro: Area Alexander Nevsky Blagoveschenskaya Burial vault to get before Blagoveschenskoy burial vaults possible several ways, but this way the most optimum. At the ferst lowered in metro and leave aside stations metro Area Alexander Nevsky , afterwards leave on surface and leave on of the same name area first, but afterwards and in Alexander-Nevsky laurel, but on its territory there and is found Blagoveschenskaya burial vault. If you are found on way of the moving the trolley bus number 1 or 22, that they too go aside Alexander-Nevsky laurel. Alexander Nevsky laurel began made exactly with erection fir... [2013-01-21]