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Weather widgets Leningrad region!

Weather widgets Leningrad region!

Quay next to Admiralteistvo in Piter


If move along Neva from Palace square straight to area Decembrist. Your will just pass on admiralteyskoy quay. This part of left coast of the Neva simply unique creation of the architectral geniuses. The Name Admiralteyskaya see is connected with that that before that moment as Neva have constrained the concrete coast in this part of the city were Admiralteyskie shipyard. While on shipyard built the naves this part Peter practically did not develop, but when in this part Peter to build the naves ceased, that began tempestuous mastering a coast. Any auxiliary channels and docks fell asleep the land and already as from 18 ages part Neva gradually dressed in granite coast. The Area Decembrist, then she was referred to as Senate area this just that place from where strictly and began the construction admiralteyskoy quay. Began with area decembrist and ended beside Palace, the whole quay is dressed in granite sarcophagus.
Who was in Peter, that knows that there is pier near buildings admiralty, so here is this innovative decision appeared along Neva in the first half 19 ages, but author given buildings was in well engineer Gotman. Exactly on its scenario and built the pier, name beside them assonant that building that all known and were situated on coast line. One pier has baptized Petrovskaya pier , but the second Palace pier.
Naberezhnye erected, hereinafter began decorate. Erected the podiums for lions and vases, but did them on Aleksandrovskom foundry plant in most Peter on outline of the engineer Sharlemanya. But on palace pier of the vase long have not stood and their have dragged over on Petrovskuyu quay. Yes and palace quay itself has analysed and have carried to east wing admiralty partly. All because of what have solved to build the Palace bridge.
If there is desire to see the Palace part an quay Neva, that it is necessary to leave to admiralty and keep the direction on sculptures lions, their is far seen, they on greater granite pedistal. Already later in 1874 all these realignments along Neva beside admiralty have united in one integer and have named admiralteyskoy quay, blame whole became the building an admiralty.
First in region Senate area or area Decembrist has built the bridge through Neva and have named its Isakievskim. But afterwards from there was unmounted and is found he now on that place where is presently found Palace bridge. A Part Isakievskogo bridge on quay all possible consider. There there is such granite curve on admiralteyskoy quay. Apropos, the bridge Isakievskiy has burned;burnted in 1916 and more was not restored.
In 19 AGES Admiralteyskaya quay get popular revenge, here build the shops and financial institutions. Same beside who money little more build their own mansions on project known for that time architect. To example on project Mesmahera is built on quay house number 8, but built it for Mihayla Mihaylovicha (the figure in that timeses known). On quay there is not only shops and financial institutions, there in the same way there is and theatre Panaeva though this was in past. In war building theatre has burned, but after war have built on its place usual school. Here is such strictly history beside admiralteyskoy quay.

Big Ohta graveyard Big Ohta graveyard
Big Ohta graveyard How get Bolisheohtinskoge graveyard? Get before graveyard possible from station metro Novocherkasskaya , where beforehand follows to get from any part of city again by metro. From Novocherkasskoy aside graveyard goes 18-y trolley bus. There is one more variant. Can get to else way from metro station and left on stations Chernyshevskaya , from it aside to Bolisheohotinskogo graveyard goes the trolley bus 49. If on taxi, that it is enough to say the address Peter, avenue Metalworker 5 and you quickly get on this place. Either as understandable probably if graveyard in town centre, that it very old and appeared as far back as that timeses, when Ohta was a country zone. Earlier in Ohte veins and settled the worker, which worked at shipyard Peter. The Veins all portably and e... [2013-02-04]

Blagoveschenskaya Burial vault Blagoveschenskaya Burial vault
Blagoveschenskaya Burial vault Address: Nevsky prospekt., 179/2? Telephone (burial vaults): (812) 274-2635 Time of the work (burial vaults): 11:00-17:00 Rest days: monday, thursday Stations metro: Area Alexander Nevsky Blagoveschenskaya Burial vault to get before Blagoveschenskoy burial vaults possible several ways, but this way the most optimum. At the ferst lowered in metro and leave aside stations metro Area Alexander Nevsky , afterwards leave on surface and leave on of the same name area first, but afterwards and in Alexander-Nevsky laurel, but on its territory there and is found Blagoveschenskaya burial vault. If you are found on way of the moving the trolley bus number 1 or 22, that they too go aside Alexander-Nevsky laurel. Alexander Nevsky laurel began made exactly with erection fir... [2013-01-21]